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Born on June 6, 1995 in Jharkhand, India. At an early age, he developed creative skills and grew, he witnessed various social situations and family experiences that impacted his memories and artistic sensitivity.

Between 2013 and 2019, he studied Visual arts at University of Jamia Millia Islamia (new Delhi, India), where he obtained a master's degree in painting with maximum distinction (MFA Grant), a specialty that drives him to develop the first stage of his career in pictorial expression, achieving numerous recognitions in the academic field.Throughout his life,

Intiyaz has been in the middle of various social situations and family experiences that had lasting impact on his memories and artistic sensitivity. His artwork often sheds light on crucial childhood events related to migration and marginalization. Realising many of these hardships were not unique, but often a shared reality, he started to question why injustice is overlooked as a societal norm—and why it is so hard to talk about it openly. While camouflaging high tension citizen crises, each artwork presents us with an underlying question regarding labour, production, protest, and identity.

 Experience that has meant expanding his artistic knowledge exponentially and also investigating new ways of conceiving art with a contemporary approach.  Currently, he has worked as a Graphics Designer in the area of ​​art and culture in New Delhi. In creative terms, he is exploring new expressive devices to continue developing his artistic work.

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ST+ART x Mohd. Intiyaz 2022

Kannagi Art District

Through layering and showcasing multiple dimensions and scene, I develops a visual language that showcase diverse perceptions of life and invites the viewer to reflect on the resilience and strength of the people by highlighting the complexities that they traverse.

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Daily life of Lockdown 2021

Ways of Seeing During my participation in the Next Step Residency ( 2021 ) at 1Shanthiroad , I revisited , reflected on the human condition during the pandemic . I live in a humble , working class neighbourhood in the outskirts of Delhi ( Tahirpur ) . The stark memories etched in my mind from reality and images from the media during this period are my inspiration . These images are now historical and represent the sociopolitical state of desperation , social unrest and an era of uncertainty during the lockdown implemented by the government to curtail the Pandemic . I work with my memory of many images that are dear to me , I treasure some of them and wish to discard others experienced during this troubling period . This was a time for sharing our sorrows , hopes and aspirations with everyone , but I did not get an opportunity to do so . And here we are , with certain memories that can never be blocked out - these dark images that are forever etched in our mind . I have processed these unforgettable visions by Iconizing them through the language of miniature paintings , camouflaging the human condition over decorative motifs . Time and the pace of life will erase the experiences of these people and the laborer's who survived the pandemic in far harsher ways than we can imagine . These paintings titled Ways of Seeing are my offering , my way to ensure that their sufferings are remembered and saved from the erasure of contemporary history and memory .

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Kochi Muziris Student Biennale 2018

This mural highlights the complexities of the lives of those who live in the margins. In this wall painting, I address the difficulties involved in the activity of obtaining adequate drinking water. Where I come from, this task is largely that of a woman's, and her life revolves around the times of day when the municipality releases water to its citizens.

What to do with Difference? Art and Artist as Bridge 2020

Art for change Residency
In India, as in the rest of the world, we face divisions of every kind. Differences such as gender, religion, politics, socioeconomic status, and language make it difficult for us to understand each other. For this reason, Art For Change Foundation’s theme for the International Artist Residency 2020 is “What to do with Difference? Art and Artist as Bridge”. For two weeks in Delhi, a diverse group of 21 national and international artists came together to engage the issue of difference, from the small and personal aspects of individual relationships, to the perennial questions of community and social identity.

First I, Mixed medium on Found object, 2020

About work

In my everyday life, particularly during the summer months, my family faces the challenge of not having access to water. Oftentimes, the government will bring a water tanker to supply water to those in need, but because of the number of people in the queue fighting to fill their container first, many bring their own pipe to connect directly to the water source. It becomes a kind of “Hauz” system. Many people even bring bigger containers so they can get more water. For this work, I chose a readymade water container and used a brush with acrylic to depict a queue of those coming to receive water from the one source. I want to echo this Hauz system by showing many people coming to one single source for water. Eventually, there will be too many people and not enough water for all

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Khoj Peers Residency 2019

Title: Diffusion

Medium: fiber, White Emersion paint, Radium paper, light.

About the work

By creating a space of shifting shadows and specters, I want visitors to step into the psyche of someone for whom the shadow of this creature looms larger than the actual physical presence.


Diffusion on Vimeo

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Exhibitions, Camps, Residencies and Grants

  • Art Exhibition organized by Wisdom Society of Creative Arts at Pyarelal Bhawan, 2015.

  • Painting Exhibition with Munga at Gandhi Art Gallery, 2016.

  • Three days Bikaner Desert Art Camp, 2017.

  • Participated Pardhi Artist Group Camp In Delhi, 2017.

  • Participated in “Colors of Haryana”, Gurgaon, organized by MaharajaAcademy of Fine Arts and Crafts, 2017.

  • Portrait Exhibition of President of Venezuela (South Africa) in M. F.Hussain Art Gallery, 2018.

  • Exhibition at Kochi Student’s Biennale, 2018.

  • Art Camp in Kasol, Himachal Pardesh, 2018

  • PEERS Residency, In Khoj International artist association 2019.

  • Exhibition in shrishti art gallery Hyderabad 2019.

  • Exhibition in Goa affordable art fest 2019.

  • Exhibition in Nine Fish Art gallery, Mumbai 2019.

  • Exhibition in AMU Gallery 2019.

  • Residency in Pathway school, 2020.

  • Art for change International art Residency, 2020.

  • Work selected for Drawing Exchange Program by Gallery ARTOZ, 2020.

  • Work selected for World Art Hub gallery, 2020.

  • Virtual Art Exhibition with KALA KALAKSHEPAM ART 2020.

  • Received KHOJ Support Grants 2020.

  • Received FICA Emerging Artist Grant 2021

  • Exhibition in GalleryRa Ahmedabad 2021.

  • Virtual Art Exhibition with AGYEYA 2021.

  • Next step residency 1shantiroad 2021.

  • Group Exhibition with Apparao Galleries in Lodhi Hotel in Delhi 2022.

  • Mural with ST+ART in Kannagi Nagar (Chennai) 2022.

  • Solo Show with The Method (Mumbai) 2022.

  • Group Show Title About the box in Lalit Kala Delhi 2022.

  • BAAD ME AANA, Solo Show with the Method Kala Ghoda (Mumbai) 2023.

  • Group Show (WHAT IS DESTINED: STORIES OF RESISTANCE AND MEMORY) in 12gates Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2023.

  • Space118 Fine Art Grant 2023.

  • Gender Bender Grant 2023.



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